PROJECT PLASTIC 2019 2nd place: HoneyBlock

HoneyBlock is a smart and sustainable solution competing with regular lightweight-concrete blocks. HoneyBlock is made of 100% recycled PVC and insulation, and serves as an alternative to load-bearing walls. HoneyBlock is proved to have a 70% better insulation-ability and a 13% higher pressure-strength compared to regular lightweight-concrete - all while weighing 19% less. All in all, HoneyBlock minimuses the use of new ressources, and deposits recycled materials within the wall instead of being landfilled.

The project “HoneyBlock” is selected as one of the five projects, which will be presented on Plastic Engineering Day.

HoneyBlock is a lightweight, load bearing element made entirely from recycled PVC. The Blocks are stacked like bricks to build the loadbearing part of a wall. HoneyBlock uses a proprietary pin mechanism to lock each block to adjacent blocks instead of mortar like current products.

This mechanism, along with the lighter weight, allows easier handling and reduced risk of human error, which in turn leads to shorter processing time, faster building speed and ultimately less money used in labor expenses.

It is possible to set up production facilities in direct cooperation with waste management facilities, making a positive impact on the environment while simultaneously creating a product, which is competitive in the current market.

We’ve conducted pressure tests and digital simulations, as well as preliminary cost estimates, compared the results to currently used products, and concluded that our product is 13% stronger, insulates 70% better, weighs 19% less and only costs around 9% more.

Which types of plastics/processes are used?

HoneyBlock is made of 100% recycled PVC, and is assumed to be casted in block-size (400x600x150) [mm] During Innovation Pilot the HoneyBlock was ment to be filled with Thermozell, but our intention is to find a better material with a higher insulation-value.

University and academic frame

The Technical University of Denmark, DTU Bachelor of Engineering Project solution is a result of Innovation Pilot (Summer Edition) 2019

Further information:

Asger Dollas – Architectural Engineering –
Dan Sørensen Drachmann – Software Engineering –
Oliver Lundkvist – Architectural Engineering –
Rasmus Petersen – Building and Infrastrucutre –
Rune A. T. Andreassen – Building and Infrastructure –
Saoussan Sleiman – Kemi/Biotechnology Engineering –

PROJECT PLASTIC is a talent competition for engineering students. The purpose is to celebrate the talented students that as part of their degree lead the way in how to use plastic materials to create innovative solutions. The competition is being administrated by The Danish Plastics Federation/ Plastindustrien.

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