What is Plastic Engineering Denmark?

Plastic Engineering Denmark is a campaign run by The Danish Plastics Federation. Our purpose is to inspire you to use and reuse plastic materials in new and innovative ways. We need talented engineers to help us forward!

Take a look around and see how many products are made partly our entirely out of plastics. When we use plastics in the right way, we can make indispensable contributions to solving our society’s challenges. Designing and producing these products is made possible by engineers.

But try also and take a look around the world and see the challenges that wrong use or mismanagement of plastic can create. We recycle too little and despite all our efforts, too much plastic ends up in nature and in the oceans. We also need engineers to help solve these challenges.

That is why we – The Danish Plastics Federation – run this Plastic Engineering Denmark campaign: To inspire you to seek a career in our industry. We represent more than 270 Danish plastic companies and we need talented engineers to help us forward!

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Jo Dietrich
Senior education consultant, The Danish Plastics Federation
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