Plastic Engineering Day: Materials, career and award show

On October the 24th it is time for the event of the year for engineering students interested in plastics: Plastic Engineering Day. The event takes place at DTU and gives you talks from companies and a mini-career fair. We will also find the winners of our talent competition PROJECT PLASTIC.

Are you an engineering student? Are interested in the possibilities that plastic materials give you – and curious about your career opportunities in the plastics industry?

Then Plastic Engineering Day on October 24th at the Oticon Hall at DTU in Lyngby is the event for you!

The event, which we arrange in collaboration with DTU, offers exciting presentations from various Danish companies with examples of the difference plastic materials make in the Danish plastic industry, and about career opportunities in industry.

In addition to the presentations, we will also gather a wide selection of companies to a mini career fair.  Here you will have the possibility to talk with them about both career opportunities and the many possibilities of plastic materials.

The companies will be there all day and several of them will be present with a stand so you have the opportunity to seek out those you would like to talk to.

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We will find the winners of PROJECT PLASTIC

On Plastic Engineering Day we also find the winners of PROJECT PLASTIC – our talent competition for engineering students. The competition honors talented young people who, as part of their engineering studies, lead the way and show how we can use plastic materials to create innovative solutions.

Read more about PROJECT PLASTIC and how to participate right here.

For the Plastic Engineering Day, the students behind five pre-nominated projects will pitch their ideas to an expert panel that, together with the audience, will decide the final winners.


Programme for Plastic Engineering Day:

Doors open. Networking


Doors close. Lunch is served




Danfoss Cooling: 3D print for production – how to make parts that last

3D printing is becoming a viable manufacturing method for end components. Saeed will introduce how this is done at Danfoss and how to ensure that quality is met for additively manufactured parts to be used in consumer products.

Saeed D. Farahani, Additive Design & Manufacturing Sr. Specialist, Ph.D.


LEGO Group: topic to be confirmed


SolarSack: How to start your own business in the plastic industry – do’s and dont’s

SolarSack is a startup on a mission to provide safe drinking water to some of the 2 billion people that lacks access to clean water. Listen to Alexander’s compelling story of going from an engineering master thesis to a startup.

Alexander Løcke, engineer and founder of SolarSack, Danish start-up company



BREAK – networking with companies


Fiberline Composites: World-class, lightweight composites for bridges, blades and wind turbines

Advanced composite materials like those manufactured at Fiberline Composites are used more and more extensively due to their impressive properties. Discover more about the uses of composites and the manufacturing process and hear an engineering career story.


BASF: Get the latest polymer trends and knowledge about biopolymers

Polymers are chemistry and BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. Learn more about the amazing developments going on within the diverse field of biopolymers, ie. biobased and biodegradable polymers and chemical recycling of used polymers.

Hanna Løyche, Head of Public Affairs & Communications, BASF Nordic/Baltic Region



Auto Desk: Digital tools for design and simulation of plastic parts.

The design of plastic parts and the accompanying manufacturing tooling is done using specialized CAD and CAE tools. Experience the digital design specialist Mohsen demonstrate the power of these tools and how easy plastic parts can be designed and simulated.

Mohsen Hessami from NTI AB (NTI represents Autodesk in Scandinavia)



BREAK – networking with companies



The five PROJECT PLASTIC nominees pitch their projects


BREAK – drinks are served!



And the winners of PROJECT PLASTIC are…



Thank you for coming – time to network


Absolutely free – and we provide transportation

It is absolutely free to attend the Plastic Engineering Day – and if you need to travel far, we will arrange for your transportation.

You can have your travel expenses refunded provided that you use the cheap option for transportation such as KombardoEkspressen or similar. Please keep your receipts and email a copy and your cpr no. after the event to

However, you must make sure you register.



Why participate in Plastic Engineering Day?

  • Learn about interesting and extreme cases of the difference plastic materials make in the Danish plastic industry

  • Get a unique opportunity to strengthen your network and talk to exciting companies

  • The opportunity to help find PROJECT PLASTIC winners

  • Plenty of possibilities of asking your plastic questions to the industry’s materials experts

It all takes place in the beautiful Oticon Sal at DTU in Lyngby the 24th of October. We look forward to see you!

Be a part of PROJECT PLASTIC 2019

Have you worked on an interesting project about plastics as part of your engineering degree – or are you about to? Then you have the opportunity to win PROJECT PLASTIC 2019.

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