Plastic Engineering Denmark - for engineering students with an interest in plastics

For students with an interest in plastic materials, technology, innovation, and recycling in the plastics industry. We have gathered the newest information about events, webinars, our annual PROJECT PLASTIC competition, and companies in the Danish plastics industry.

Plastic Engineering Denmark is a campaign run by the Danish Plastics Federation (Plastindustrien). Our purpose is to share the newest information about materials, technology, and innovation in the plastics industry with university students and young engineers.

With several different events and activities throughout the year, we strive to build a bridge between students and companies.

Our main activities are:

  • Plastic Engineering Day: our conference for students and companies with talks and a career- and materials fair held at the end of October every year.
  • PROJECT PLASTIC: our annual project-competition with the purpose to celebrate students who work with plastic materials in new and innovative ways as a part of your degree. The next deadline is October 1st, 2021.
  • Plastic Talk: free and live webinars about plastic materials, sustainable solutions, production processes, and more. We announce new dates regularly.