Have you been working on an interesting project about plastics as part of your engineering degree – or are you just about to do so? Then you have the opportunity to win PROJECT PLASTIC 2019.

You can see the nominations and five finalists from PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 here.

PROJECT PLASTIC is a talent competition for engineering students. The purpose is to celebrate the talented students whom as part of their engineering degree (or another relevant education) lead the way in how to use plastic materials to create innovative solutions.

The competition is being administrated by The Danish Plastics Federation that also runs the Bliv plastingeniør-campaign.


How to win

You can participate in Project Plastic with an assignment or project that has been a part of your engineering degree. Assignments and projects within other fields such as productions, innovation, design, chemistry, sustainability and more, are welcome as long as the main objective is plastics. You can participate both as a group or as an individual. You can submit your project in Danish or English.

You can submit your project using the fields below enclosing a summarize of your project of max 200 characters and a longer version of max 1,000 characters. It is also possible to upload  the full assignment/project, but only as a supplement.


Assessment criteria

We select the winners on the basis of the following three criteria:

1. Optimal use  of plastics: The project must demonstrate innovative use of plastic and its characteristic properties. Examples are: design freedom, low weight, recyclability, low price, not corrodible, well suited for mass production etc. Also, a project can address sustainability and environmental themes such as recycling, weight reduction or circular design. Projects exploring other themes are also very welcome.

2. Operationally realistic: The project must include ideas that are possible to carry out in practice and will make a difference in the real world

3. High academic level: Considering the level of studying, the winning projects must hold a relatively high academic standard and challenge views on the use of plastic in order to lead to new and innovative ways and methods.  At the same time it is important that you also need are able to explain your idea in a manner understandable to non-engineers.

Project Plastic is open to both bachelor and master thesis as well as smaller semester- and project assignments. They can be in either Danish or English. If a project holds adequately interesting and innovative aspects, it does not necessarily have to meet all three criteria. Also, projects are assessed in relation to level of studying and general study progress, as well as the time/credits available for the project.


We find the winners at Plastic Engineering Day 2019

The winners will be announced at our great Plastic Engineering Day the 24th of October 2019 at DTU i Lyngby. Here the students behind 5 nominated projects will present their ideas and results to a panel of experts that together with the audience will select the final winner.

Plastic Engineering Day is open to everyone and will also include talks and provide plenty of opportunities to meet the many companies in the plastics industry. Transportation expenses to students coming far away from Copenhagen area, will be refunded.



The winners of PROJECT PLASTIC 2019 will receive not only the honors and attention from the whole plastics industry, but also the following prizes:

1st price: 25.000 DKK

2nd price: 10.000 DKK

3rd price: 5.000 DKK


Do you dare to take on the challenge?

…then look below and sign up for the PROJECT PLASTIC 2019. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact Jo Dietrich: or phone number 2489 3247.

Deadline for signing up is Monday, October 7, 2019.



See 11 projects from PROJECT PLASTIC 2018

PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 WINNER! Håndtering og genanvendelse af plastaffald i Kenya Analyse og udviklingsarbejde med fokus på optimering af proces og højere plastkvalitet hos plastgenanvendelsesfabrik i Kenya.
Link to Håndtering og genanvendelse af plastaffald i Kenya
PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 second place: Project Trebo Projektet Trebo, som nu er blevet til en startup, bidrager med at gøre plastindustrien mere bæredygtig. Trebo har udviklet en ny metode og maskine der kan sortere fuldstændigt blandede plastmængder.
Link to Project Trebo
PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 third place: Feasibility study of LDS antennas for hearing aid applications With Laser Direct Structuring, it is possible to trace electrical circuits directly on the surface of plastics. This will increase robustness and design freedom when developing medical devices.
Link to Feasibility study of LDS antennas for hearing aid applications
Final candidate: DrinkSaver DrinkSaver er et plastik produkt, hvis funktion er at mindske spild, uden at mindske drikkeoplevelsen. Designet er udformet i en rem af plastlameller, som stopper eventuelle spild på en diskret måde.
Link to DrinkSaver
Final candidate: ECO Tray ECO Tray er en håndbagagebakke i genbrugsplast til security i lufthavne. ECO Tray bidrager til grøn omstilling via cirkulær økonomi. Det nye bakkedesign forbedrer både ansatte og passagerers oplevelse uden at gå på kompromis med sikkerheden.
Link to ECO Tray
Forbedring af magnetiske og mekaniske egenskaber af nylon 6 bundne neodym magneter Projektet belyser ny viden omkring overfladebehandling og indholdsoptimering af nylon 6 i sprøjtestøbte neodym magneter. Projektet kan bidrage til en grøn omstilling, ved at gøre det muligt at genanvende eksisterende magneter.
Link to Forbedring af magnetiske og mekaniske egenskaber af nylon 6 bundne neodym magneter
Softtooling SOFTTOOLING enables manufacturing companies to produce high precision polymer parts for a fraction of the price compared to current tooling methods. Even better, lead times are reduced from typically 4+ weeks down to a matter of days.
Link to Softtooling
Ellipsit: Beholdere til et cirkulært løssalgssystem Vi har designet en let og sammenfoldelig beholder ud fra designprincipper fra cirkulær økonomi, der er skabt til at blive genbrugt og medbragt som emballage til tørvarer købt i et løssalgssystem.
Link to Ellipsit: Beholdere til et cirkulært løssalgssystem
Technological signature in precision injection compression moulding of polymer Fresnel lenses The optimisation of injection-compression-moulding in Fresnel lens production enhances the replication quality of polymer optics. For the task, the use of optical metrology leads to innovative ways to manufacture plastic products.
Link to Technological signature in precision injection compression moulding of polymer Fresnel lenses
CycleBrick - simple use of recycled plastic in emerging economies This project uses low technology to transform plastic waste into low-cost construction materials. The design is made exclusively with available materials and existing technology in emerging countries.
Link to CycleBrick – simple use of recycled plastic in emerging economies
Fra ide til produktion af den interaktive lanterne GLØD Dette projekt havde til formål at afprøve et fuldt forretningskoncept med design, udvikling, prototyper, fremstilling og afsætning af en lanterne fremstillet i plastik.
Link to Fra ide til produktion af den interaktive lanterne GLØD