PROJECT PLASTIC 2019 finalist: Aminolysis of polycarbonate - an environmentally friendly chemical recycling option?

The project focuses on the optimization of a recycling process of polycarbonate plastics already used in industry. It examines a type of chemical recycling: aminolysis.

The project “Aminolysis of polycarbonate – an environmentally friendly chemical recycling option?” is selected as one of the five projects, which will be presented on Plastic Engineering Day.

The project is done by four students, and two of them – Andrian Mirza & Matus Kalina – will pitch the project on Plastic Engineering Day

This project aims to ensure that the plastic is treated properly after it reaches its life-span and becomes waste.

The project’s main target is polycarbonate plastic, a type of engineering plastic with exceptional properties regarding strength and stability. Chemical recycling of this material, in this case aminolysis, decomposes the polymer into its monomeric units. These can serve as reagents for the synthesis of new raw material (PC).

This new virgin material is used in applications, that require the original set of properties, high-term, engineering applications.

The main objective throughout the experiment is to maintain the reaction as “green as possible.” This is done by avoiding the usage of toxic solvents, keeping the reaction conditions as mild as possible and safely discarding any hazardous by-products. The process was successfully performed in the lab and the method is possible to implement on large scale.

Which types of plastics/ processes are used?

Polycarbonate plastic. No processes are discussed as this study deals only with recycling and further applications are irrelevant.

University and academic frame

Aalborg University Esbjerg | 15 ECTS | Chemical reactions in natural and technical systems

Further information

Andrian Mirza –
Matus Kalina –

PROJECT PLASTIC is a talent competition for engineering students. The purpose is to celebrate the talented students that as part of their degree lead the way in how to use plastic materials to create innovative solutions. The competition is being administrated by The Danish Plastics Federation/ Plastindustrien.

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