Plastic Talk: Improve your chances in the PROJECT PLASTIC competition

PROJECT PLASTIC is Plastindustriens annual project competition for engineering students. How do you sign up, and what does it take to improve your chances to win? Learn the answers in this webinar.

Thursday, September 9 from 2 PM-2:45 PM, you are invited to participate in Plastic Talk with a focus on our competition PROJECT PLASTIC 2021.

Who can participate and how? And which criteria are valued in the selection of the winning projects?

The competition is for engineering students who have worked on a project about plastic as a part of their studies. Deadline for participating in PROJECT PLASTIC is October 1st., 2021. Projects and assignments within production, innovation, design, chemistry, sustainability, and more are welcome.

LÆS OGSÅ: PROJECT PLASTIC 2021 – our project competition for engineering students

Learn about the assessment criteria

Jo Dietrich, educational consultant in the Danish Plastics Federation (Plastindustrien), will host the webinar, which aims to give this year’s PROJECT PLASTIC participants the best prerequisites to do well in the competition.

Participate in Plastic Talk, if you have questions about the competition, participation, and/or assessment criteria.

Plastic Talk er Plastindustriens webinarrække om plastmaterialer, -processer og bæredygtighed i industrien målrettet studerende på videregående uddannelser.

Sign up

Sign up for Plastic Talk here. You will receive a link for the webinar via email closer to the date.


The winners are selected on Plastic Engineering Day, October 28., 2021 by a judges committee.

  1. prize: 25.000 DKK
  2. prize: 10.000 DKK
  3. prize: 5.000 DKK
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