Recycled and recyclable food packaging

Plastics can play an important role in protecting food from becoming waste - both trough transportation and packaging. Plastic packaging is also more flexible and lighter than alternatives such as glass or metal, reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions. Instead of using and disposing of the plastics, the resources should be reused as long as possible and recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Case: 100 % recycled food packaging solutions
Made by Faerch A/S

The plastic packaging ‘Evolve’ by Faerch is a mono-material solution made from post-consumer recycled content. These are in-store packaging trays for protein applications such as fresh meat, poultry, fish, and plant-based alternatives.

The trays are made from 100 % recycled content, and they can be fully recycled into new food grade trays without compromising on food safety or any other key measures. The ambition is to create a circular food packaging solution.


The trays are made from collected and recycled bottles and trays made up of the thermoplastic polymer Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Designing for recycling

No extra color is added during recycling and production, preserving its natural make-up. The color of each tray reflects the specific blend of recycled content that it is made from. This ensures a unique look, which outlines to consumers that the trays are recycled and recyclable.

Furthermore, the design guarantees that the trays are reliably detectable using today’s sorting systems, as they have already been detected before.

The plastic packaging 'Evolve' by Faerch provide consumers with guidance to easily choose food packaging that is made from recycled content. The unique look reminds us that we should treat the tray as a valuable resource that we collect after use for recycling – again and again.
- Jesper Emil Jensen, Regional CEO, Faerch A/S

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