PROJECT PLASTIC 2021 - our project competition for engineering studens

PROJECT PLASTIC is a competition organized by the Danish Plastics Federation to celebrate students who work with plastic materials in new and innovative ways. The deadline is October 1st, 2021.


PROJECT PLASTIC is an annual project competition for engineering students and students with other relevant academic degrees (e.g. design, construction, environmental planning, sustainability, innovation, chemistry, production) who have done or are about to do a plastic-themed project as a part of their studies.

The competition is administered by the Danish Plastics Federation (Plastindustrien).

Participate in PROJECT PLASTIC 2021 in one of the following ways:

  1. Sign up with your academic project. You have done a project about plastic as a part of your academic degree. Assignments/projects on bachelor’s or master’s level are welcome, and there are no requirements regarding the number of ECTS.
  2. Sign up with your corona-invention. You have developed an idea, a concept, a product, or a project that can contribute to life with pandemic control. The assignment is an add-on to this year’s PROJECT PLASTIC and will be assessed side by side with the other projects. Read more here.

All projects are assessed by a judges committee set up by the Danish Plastics Federation based on the following criteria:

  • To what extent is the use of plastics optimal?
  • To what degree is the project operationally realistic?
  • What is the academic level like?

Read more about the assessment criteria here.

The prizes are:

1st prize: 25.000 DKK

2nd prize: 10.000 DKK

3rd prize: 5.000 DKK

The winners are selected on Plastic Engineering Day (late October 2021).

Deadline: October 1st, 2021. Register in Danish or English.

Read the flyer (in Danish & English):


2020 1st place: ’RackBox – Transportation of TVs for service’

By: Thien Quang Tran and Anton Malmkjær Møller, Industrial Design, Aalborg University.

RackBox helps electronics companies such as Elgiganten, POWER, and Bilka and their warehouse employees by reducing the use of disposable plastics and the need for harmful working positions. RackBox provides a holistic solution for electronic retail stores, strengthening their green profiles, improving the work environment, and cutting down the expenses for single-use packaging, and finally reducing the carbon footprint.

Read about the other finalists here.